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Decaffeinated teas are processed using the Co2 Process. The advantage of this style of decaffeination is that no chemical solvents are used to remove the caffeine. Also, using the naturally occurring Co2 in a circulation process, which carefully uses high pressure and temperature to extract the caffeine, the origin distinct character of the tea is retained in the cup.


The result is an uncompromising cup of tea full of flavour with no chemical overtones. The tea comes from the Courtlodge Estate as this is one of the top Ceylon tea estates, known for producing tea of the highest quality.

To brew, use one heaped tsp per person in a warmed pot and add freshly drawn boiling water. Brew for 3-5 minutes according to taste. Drink with or without milk and sugar.

*(based on 3g per serving, infused twice).

Decaffeinated Ceylon loose leaf tea

SKU: PLU 1310
100 Grams
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