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Bamboo cooking utensils set of 6


Naturally anti-microbial bamboo cooking utensils


What makes bamboo the best alternative?

  • It causes less plastic waste.
  • It is produced in closed circuit conditions to prevent pollution.
  • Bamboo can replenish itself, making it a highly renewable plant.
  • It grows faster and uses minimal resources as it grows organically.
  • The fibre can be composted and is also biodegradable.
  • While growing, the bamboo removes carbon dioxide from the environment.


Bamboo cooking utensils set of 6

SKU: PLU 0238
  • Plastic Phobia distributes zero waste products such as bamboo soap dishes and coconut bowls.


    They are based in Sheffield, UK, and are a member of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce. The company was founded in 2018 while their founder, Tom, was a student.


    Steel straws are so common now but back in May 2018 they were unheard of. Whilst studying at university their founder Tom, discovered steel straws and wanted to make them more accessible to replace plastic straws.


    Plastic Phobia have grown so fast because of their efficient customer service and our ability to supply environmental products from sustainable sources. 4 months after the initial idea (and after lots of hard work), Tom dropped out of university to focus on Plastic Phobia full time. Expanding the product range to make a zero waste lifestyle easier.


    Often a product is changed or a new product introduced, based entirely on the feedback from a customer. In the future, they plan to be more innovative designing their range. They make a reduced waste lifestyle more convenient.


    Plastic Phobia sources eco-friendly products that also have an green supply chain. No greenwashing. No hidden cost to the environment. Just guilt free products.

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