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Bamboo Cotton Buds: Essential for Earth-Friendly Hygiene Care


Stay hygienic while ditching the plastic! Our bamboo cotton buds are sustainable and can go in your home compost. Comes in recyclable paper box. 100% vegan.

Interested in making your personal care products eco-friendly? Well, you’re in the right place. bamboo cotton buds are the perfect replacement for plastic swabs in every home.

Plastic cotton buds are damaging marine life, especially when flushed down the toilet. They take many years to break down if they do go to landfill, cannot be recyled and cannot go in your compost heap. So, we’re offering you an alternative that’s sustainable, natural, and eco friendly (and won’t float in the ocean for hundreds of years.)


As you might already know, plastic cotton buds are among the list of products being banned in the UK in 2020, so this means there’s bound to be a heightened demand for eco friendly cotton buds. Our bamboo cotton buds consist of a bamboo stick with a cotton head at either end. It is very similar to your normal cotton buds but without the plastic.


The bamboo cotton buds are made in Fujian, South East China. The bamboo is grown organically but the cotton is just cotton, not organic.


The factory complies with local labour laws and has good working conditions.

To reduce plastic in the supply chain, we avoid plastic bubble wrap and all plastic filler packaging. Instead, the factory puts 99 packs of cotton buds in a small cardboard box. Then that cardboard box is placed in a larger box. It is shipped by sea in bulk to reduce carbon emissions. These are practices that you cannot find when you buy eco products from large companies like supermarkets.


Start a greener hygiene routine by kicking out all that plastic! Here’s how our product benefits you and the environment.

Frequently asked questions

What are the dimensions of the cotton buds?

The cotton bud sticks are about 7.6cm in length and the diameter of the head of the cotton bud is about 0.5cm.

How many cotton buds are in each pack?

There are 100 cotton bud sticks in each pack.

How to dispose of bamboo cotton buds?

The cotton buds can go in your home compost (though we don’t have certification to prove that). Bamboo and cotton break down easily. Please don’t flush these down the toilet. They can go through the sewage system without being filtered out therefore they end up in our oceans and rivers.

Is the cotton organic?

No, only the bamboo is organic. Organic cotton is rare in China and only grown on a large scale in Xianjiang, which is in the North West part of the country. Most factories in China are in East/South East, as ours is in Fujian, and the demand of cotton is much greater than Xianjiangs supply. If organic cotton does become available for the cotton buds, we will start using it.

How will my cotton buds arrive?

We have heard that Amazon are sending zero waste products in plastic jiffy bags. You can be assured that by ordering from us, your cotton buds will arrive in zero waste packaging, you can find more details on our packaging page. No nasty plastic surprises.

Do the sticks snap?

Generally, no. The bamboo cotton buds are sturdy and are not easily broken. Of course if you intentionally apply lots of pressure they will break.

Does the cotton head come off easily?

No, they are very well made. You won’t get cotton stuck in your ears!

Bamboo cotton buds

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