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All the liquid products are biodegradable, phosphate free and made with sustainably sourced  plant derived ingredients so they are kind to the environment, septic tanks and sewage treatment systems, as well as your home and family. They’re also made right here in Wirral, reducing the carbon footprint.


Suitable for vegans.

Laundry liquid

SKU: PLU 0210
100 Milliliters
  • BLOOMING ECO started to create as low an environmental impact as possible while still providing a convenient product for customers.


    Their products are ecological and biodegradable and all the liquids are formulated for us a 10 minute drive away from their depot by another family business, reducing the carbon footprint when they go and get their large tanks filled every few months. The main target was being able to reuse their packaging over and over, saving resources, energy and money – a saving they could pass on. Plastic bottles are durable and light and refilling them makes them sustainable too, (especially now they have some made from recycled plastic).

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