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There are several varieties and countries of origin of Camomile, but the best quality comes from Egypt. The sandy loam and nutrients from the Nile create perfect growing conditions. Camomile flowers have a yellow centre and white petals - they almost look like a daisy. Essential oils in the flowers produce a soothing pleasant aroma and a fruity character.

Camomile can be made into a pleasant aromatic tea which is slightly bitter but with a fruity flavour. It is often sipped for relief of health problems ranging from toothache to nervousness.


Camomile has also been noted as beneficial for soothing headaches and is a natural relaxing herb known to assist the restless and those suffering from insomnia. In many circles Camomile is called sleepy tea on account of its natural properties, which promote restfulness and drowsiness. It is also known to assist digestive disorders by settling the stomach and calming the nerves.


*(based on 3g per serving, infused once).

Camomile loose leaf tea

SKU: PLU 1338
100 Grams
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