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Tasting notes: Vanilla, Golden raisin, Plum and Milk chocolate.


At an altitude of 1750-1850masl live the indigenous community of Todos Santos Cuchumatan village, growing mainly Pache and Caturra using organic practices. This lot is made up of the Caturra veriatal and has undergone the washed process.


This lot comes from producers in the Todos Santos Cuchumatan village in Huehuetenango, Northern Guatemala. The community in Todos Santos Cuchumatan is an indigenous group who predominantly speak Mam. Producers in this area mostly grow pache and caturra and little has been changed since the farms were first planted 30 or so years ago. The farms are managed organically and with the support of the cooperative they have started fertilising with organic fertilisers and compost.

The group have 37 hectares planted with coffee, which is shared between the entire community and is around 1 or 2 hectares each. The coffee is picked, processed and dried by the individual farmer and then blended together later in parchment, but all producers have been trained in post harvest best practices and follow the same protocols. This coffee has a particularly fruity characteristic which is due to the extended fermentation method that producers use in this area. The coffee is first washed and sorted and then pulped before being left to ferment for 3 to 4 days until the mucilage can be removed easily and has become a pinkish colour. This process requires the producers to be very careful not to over ferment or damage the coffee.


Rhost 4


Nodiadau blas: Fanilla, Raisin aur, Eirin a Siocled llaeth.


Ar uchder o 1750-1850masl mae cymuned frodorol pentref Cuodatan Todos Santos yn byw, gan dyfu Pache a Caturra yn bennaf gan ddefnyddio arferion organig. Mae'r lot hon yn cynnwys veriatal Caturra ac mae wedi mynd trwy'r broses golchi.


Coffee Beans - Guatemala

SKU: PLU 1342
100 Grams
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