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Roll on essential oil blends are a fantastic way to give yourself a gorgeously aromatic treat throughout the day.


Pure essential oils in a vitamin E carrier.

These handy amber glass roller ball bottles are easy to carry and use as and when you need.


Six blends to choose from please put a note on your order.

  • GOOD VIBRATIONS a jolly & motivational blend of rosemary, cypress & lemon
  • STARGAZER a comforting & loving blend of bergamot, geranium & frankincense
  • SLEEPY TIME a soothing & relaxing blend of lavender, neroli & chamomile . HAPPYDAZE a joyfully happy blend of spearmint, orange & myrrh
  • BIG LOVE a peaceful calm blend of rose, vetiver & lavender
  • THE GODDESS a self loving & uplifting blend of jasmine, ylang ylang & patchouli

Roll on fragrance

SKU: PLU 369
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