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Sisal soap pouch: Zero waste and affordable.

With 2 in 1 function, this soap pouch is exfoliating while holding a soap bar and can be hung up afterwards to dry the soap.


For when the soap bar is too small to use;
If you have fragments of soap left over you can put them in this bag. Then scrub your body with the bag full of soap. It bubbles up well to cleanse your body. That’s far easier than using a tiny bit of soap until it disappears! Plus it is less wasteful than leftovers of soap being thrown away.


You might prefer a sisal soap pouch instead of a soap dish if you find it difficult using soap bars until the soap is fully dissolved.


What is sisal material?
Sisal is a type of plant known as Agave sisalana. The fibre used to make this soap bag is biodegradable and sustainable.


What are the dimensions?
Size is 10cm x 14cm.



Sisal soap bag

SKU: PLU 1617
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